Monday, May 24, 2010

I brough my dog to the vet about 3 weeks ago as she was coughing. She was diagnosed with "Kennel Cough".

she was prescribed weeks course antibiotics. other symptoms gained during last 3 weeks - heavy breathing, lack of interest in food, tired. On saturday her breathing was really bad , we brought her to the Vet hospital and she died just as we pulled up. I think she had a more serious illness and not kennel cough at all. Other symptoms were going no. 2 alot. and coughing specks of blood a little. has anyone else had this experience. She was gold labrador 11 and a half years. Thank you.
Without knowing more, I'd have to agree with ann a.

Bordatella by itself is typically a relatively mild infection and will often go away on its own. But, many dogs are susceptible to opportunistic infections, which is likely why your vet gave the antibiotics. Antibiotics won't cure Bordatella (kennel cough) but it hopefully will keep other infections from setting in, which in this case it didn't seem to be enough treatment. Pneumonia, which is not the same thing as the flu, and is in fact a "symptom" itself of a variety of lung infections, often sets up in sick, especially old, dogs, and it is difficult to treat.

I'm very sorry for your loss.
your dog has dog flue and yes if y don't treat it your dog will die. My moms dog had it 2 years ago and she died because of it they told us their was nothing wrong and when we looked up dog flue she had all the symptoms. the symptoms are coughing don't eat cant get comfy runny nose
Sounds to me like she definately had something more going on than just kennel cough. Sometimes things like cancer dont present themselves until it is too late. That is what happened to my bulldog. He had a tumor bleeding out on his spleen.
The vet probably did the best they could without some really aggressive x rays, sonograms or something like that - did they do all of that and bloodwork too?
I believe your dog did only have kennel cough. Considering the age of your dog, the disease caused an infection that most likely poisoned his blood. I do apologize for your loss, and i know how it feels to loose a dog to Kennel Cough. My first dog died at 2 years from it.
Kennel cough" which is bordatella is an opportunistic infection. It allows the invasion of other infections that make the animal sicker - things such as bronchial condition - bronchitis/pneumonia.

Bordatella is NOT the 'flu'. It is a respiratory infection.

Think of the sequence of events as a human getting a virus that turns into bronchitis that turns into pneumonia.
do you have ticks? did your dog also have bloody nose on occation? if so it could have been tick fever, dogs cough, with blood, tick fever makes them go into d.i.c. which is in simple terms like taking to much blood thinners and they bleed internally and from every where. sorry for your loss, i have had many dogs and lost many to, it is a sad thing.

I bred my chihuahua 1 week ago now she is being quite aggressive, is she pregnant?

you won't know yet. she is going out of breeding period and doesn't want the male messing with her . it will probably last for another week.
she's provable pissed of at you because
of all the discomforts of pregnancies.
Usually the first signs of pregnacy are personality changes. It's her hormones! There is a good chance she is pregers.
highly likely!. it's common to notice a change in the behaviour of dogs when they get pregnant, due to hormones. just like people ;op
She's probably in discomfort, you shouldn't have bred her with that Great Dane!!
Shes probably recovering from losing her virginity.its a bit step..give her time!!
Why do you want to beed a dog?

Are you not aware that there are 15 dogs born for every one human?

Are you not aware that there are millions of dogs killed every year because of not enough homes?

Are you not aware that only 1 dog in 10 gets a permanent home?

Are you not aware that one female and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in just six years?

That coupled with the health benefits of spay/neuter WHY would you breed your dog?
she's probably sore or missing the GOOD times!!
noone knows but it sure is normail signs of stress

good luck !!

I bought Iam's for 50 lb Dogs by mistake.Can my 13 lb poodle eat it?

It's the larger sack and I don't know if it will hurt my little dog or not.. It's the Diet Control..
please help..I would give it to some one who has a bigger dog but don't know of anyone.
It will be just fine for your little dog.. No major differences, other than the size of the pieces, and extra bone/joint health additives..they may even be good for your little guy..
If you have a food porcessor, you can give a pulse or two to break up the peices, to make it easier to eat..if he eats it fine, then no problem.
If your dog can chew it, it'll be fine. The pieces are probably bigger. That's the only difference. It just might be hard for your dog to chew the larger pieces.

If you have not opened it, you can exchange it at the store.
It shouldn't hurt your dog at all. The pieces of the dog food may be bigger though, making it harder for you 13 lb poodle to eat them.

If the dog shows no difficulty in actually eating the food, then there should be no problem at all.

Hope this helps, and good luck!
It can mold if left out. I would put it in freezer bags and put it in freezer. Take them out one ata time when you need them. Or take it back to store and exchange for the correct size.
mix it with some puppy formulated feed and your pet will be OK
the only thing is it may upset his stomach since he is not used to that brand of food.
You have already gotten two good answers. I agree with them!
Its basically the same dog food, just larger size chunks. Try putting it in your blender for a quick whirl, that should break it down to a better size for your smaller dog.
Take it back with your reciept. Your poodle probably can eat it, if it likes it and your poodle isn't on some type of restriction, but probably will go stale in the mean time before he can eat it all. Depends on your dogs appetite.
I'd take the whole bag back.

IAMS carried out horrific experiments to dogs and cats whilst 'testing' their products. They gave 100 lab cats kidney failure, fed them IAMS, looked at the results, then killed the cats..

I promise I am no tree top protester, but as an owner of 4 cats and 2 dogs, just couldn't believe my eyes and ears when I heard about this.
Go look for yourselves.
well how about you buy 100 pounds of "human food" double the size and see how much you can eat. but if i where you i'd just cut em' in half
It should be fine. Just compare the labels if you are really concerned. Usually the food for the bigger dogs is in bigger pieces. It should be fine. If you ahve some old food left I would recommend mixing the two at first so as not to change the food flat out which may cause a tummy ache (for your dog).
you would be better of feeding your dog sawdust than Iams products. analysis of Iams weight control

The primary ingredient in this food is a low quality grain (it should be meat!). Corn is a problematic grain that is difficult for dogs to digest and thought to be the cause of a great many allergy and yeast infection problems. We prefer not to see this used in dog food.
The second ingredient is a named meat product but since this is chicken inclusive of its water content (about 80%) and this ingredient will weigh only about 20% of its wet weight once water is removed (as it must be to make kibble) it is likely that this ingredient would be more accurately placed further down the ingredient list. Fish meal, at 6th on the ingredient list, is a second named meat product in the food, but this is far too low down to make up an appreciable portion of the food. We note that the manufacturer does not claim to use ethoxyquin-free sources (ethoxyquin is a chemical preservative commonly added to fish destined for meal, and is believed to be carcinogenic).

I bought a puppy..?

and the previous owners wanted her back within 2 days as thier son was so upset - we agreed and got our money back, now they keep harassing us by phone for the vets injection card - we ahve posted it but it doesnt seem to of got there - given them the vets name etc. but still they keep pestering us

What should we do?
If you've already given them the Vet name and phone number where you had the dog seen, they can pick up a copy of that information from the Vet themselves. Call your vet, and make them aware of the ownership transfer so that it will be easy for them to obtain.

Explain that the information must have been lost in the mail, suggest that they contact the Vet. Make them aware that you've made the changes with the office and request that they not contact you further as what they are doing is harassment.

You've been more than fair by returning the puppy. Your obligation has ended. Be firm, and let them know that you have assisted them as far as you can.
I think by you giving them the card was nice enough . You shouldn't have to give them anything ! You cant sell a dog then just decide to take it back !! NOT NICE !! You have done enough !! Now just ignore their calls eventually they will stop calling .
Hi try to get your vet to write a small letter for them %26 make sure you have the correct address %26 code.put in in the mail with a return address so there is no reason for it to get lost at all.Just leave it at that %26 let them know after that point that you are not open to any further contact %26 tell them that you will leave the issue with a lawyer if they carry on harassing you.
Regards Jake
mail it certified mail.

They may be experiancing problems with e-mails, accounts, etc.
The puppies health may be jepordized without the infor.

I don't think they would pester you for entertainment.

Try the human society. You will get a history of the pet and wont have to return it.

My pets have all been others rejects. My current mut is used in catalogs, photoshoots, ads, she loves the attention and really digs the studio, hard to believe this smart dog wasn't wanted.
Tell these people that you've got a new dog
a full grown trained Doberman
and if the calls don't stop
you're going to let them have THAT dog too !
At this point, it is no longer your responsibility. I think you were wonderful to return the puppy. If you feel like doing one more thing, then see if the vet can mail them the dog's records, if not.don't. If they keep harrassing you, seek your local law enforcement agency's advise.
Explain the card was sent then give them the vet's name %26 address so THEY can take responsiblility for THEIR pet. You can call the vet's %26 let them know the animal has changed owners %26 a copy needs to be collected for the new owner's records. Your job %26 responsibility is done.
They have the vet's info, so just ignore them..You have done more than should be expected.tell them, its not my problem now!
you could try sending them another copy of the vets card via cerrtified mail, that way they have to sign for it at the po. Then you have proof you have sent it and after that if they continue to pester you tell them you are seeking legal counsel,Sounds like these are not people to do business with they are wishy-washy. Good luck
Sounds like they're just being holes. You gave them the name of the vet, I can't think of anything else that would be needed for them to obtain the information they're wanting. You sound like really nice people so don't let them abuse your good nature. You don't deserve it.
If you bought the puppy it was yours fair and square, it should not be expected that you give it back to them whenever its convenient, so in giving the puppy back you have done more than enough to suit their needs. You have given them all the details so it is up to them to obtain them if they were lost in the mail. i think next time that they call say " look this is harassment next time u call ill call the cops" usually its threatening enough, but if not either call the cops and tell them the situation, or with some telephone companies you can get certain numbers blocked from calling you, so maybe give Ur telephone provider a call and see whats available to you.

hope that's helped

quit answering the phone. If you gave her the number of the vet it is up to them to get the records. Did she pay for the shots or did she just sell him to you so that you could get the shots and then take him back. The only other thing besides a restraining order I could think of is to leave her number w/ the vet and see if they will call her.
Get their vet's name and fax number. Tell your vet the dog has a new owner, and ask your vet to fax the info directly to their vet with the new owner's name on the records. If that doesn't work, I'd ignore them.
If you purchased a pet from someone,had it vet checked and vaccinated,tell this person they can call the vet you used and they will give them a copy of its' records with your permission.Also after doing that if they still keep harressing you,tell them if they call back again,you will have them arrested for phone harrassment,and follow through with doing so.
Tell them to FOAD!
Wow. You are definately the bigger person here. You did NOT have to give the puppy back and you did. They should not teach their kid that he can have anything he wants by being sad and crying about it. They should teach him skills to deal with his sadness. You have done your part. Tell them you've had enough and are going to get a restraining order on them. You dont have to actually do it but just telling them you are, that should help them realize they are actually harrassing you.

i bought a German shepherd puppy today vomiting and liquid diarrhea?

the breeder said it is not sick just stress the dog came with antibotic she said that was normal is this normal
The breeder does not have the medical training needed to determine whether your pup is sick or not.and cannot legally give you antibiotic for that puppy unless it was prescribed specifically FOR that puppy (with the pup's name on the container) by a licensed DVM.

What antibiotic, and what condition is it being given to treat?

A one-time occurrance of vomit and soft stool MIGHT be due to stress, change in diet, etc.but if your pup has liquid diarrhea, it's likely more serious than that. Could be worms, could be coccidia, could be giardia, could be rotavirus, distemper virus, coronavirus, or parvovirus. If it's just stress, your pup will be acting normally otherwise.playing, etc. But even if he is, you need to take him to your veterinarinan the minute they open their doors in the morning (call first, of course.)
No. Take your pup to the vet.
DO NOT let it get around any other pets you might have..First thing in the morning get it to the vet.
i would call your vet first thing tomorrow, if the breeder didn't give him any shots he could have parvo, and if his poop smells really bad, it is almost def. parvo, keep a good eye on him, it is not normal, and have fun with your new puppy when he gets better.
No, vomiting and diarrhea in a small puppy is NOT normal. It could be parvo which can kill your puppy. I would contact your vet.
This is not normal,take it back.Are to a vet.I would take it back if it was me.
NO Way definalty not normal antibiotics mean an infection or treatment of some type, not good i would take the dog to the vet ASAP and then ask the seller more questions,as it is wrong they have sold you a dog been so sick for a start let alone on antibiotics.Disgracefull how someone cant even be truthfull about there pets need
Hmm, doesn麓t seem normal to me! Stress does sound faily normal, but you don麓t treat stress with antibiotics.
I麓d make sure the dog drinks lots (keep a full dish of water under it麓s nose) and if it is not doing any better after by tomorrow morning take it to a vet.
If it doesn麓t drink take it to the vet sooner. Or if it seems to be getting worse in any way.
Take the puppy back to the breeder and insist on getting your money back. The breeder had to know the puppy was ill. If you do decide to keep it and get it well, make sure you save all receipts from the vet and vet reports. If the puppy dies, you will need to get a necropsy(autopsy) done. But the best thing to do is to take the puppy back and get your money back.
You're probably giving it the wrong food. My lab would have those symptoms and it was because it was getting the wrong types of foods. Make sure you don't give it any human food and try changing the type of food you give it.
NO that is absolutely not normal.we had a puppy die ,same symptoms,got it from a breeder!!
could be giardia a parasite -which is zoonotic meaning it could be passed to you!take it to the vet immediatley-a 24 hour er vet if you can
find one!

good luck,poor puppy,he doesnt deserve for this to be happening to him!
Thats not normal it can have worms or parvo or anything make sure the puppy isn't a round kids like babies. you never what that puppy has take it to the vet immediately or give it back to the owner and don't get another one from them. WASH everthing that puppy touch before you get a new puppy too. GOODLUCK
Many puppies catch parvovirus and /or coronavirus. The symptoms are what you describe. If that's what it is, it'll pass in a few days.
Anybody bringing home a new puppy should have it checked at the vet as soon as possible.
take the pup to the vets asap. could be poss parvo? whys it on antibiotics? it aint normal.
No, this is not normal, it could be parvo or a single cell parasite called coccidia, both can be deadly to pups, BOTH cause the same symptoms, I would go to the vet and have a parvo test and
fecal run, parvo is expensive and alot of puppies die, coccidia if caught early is easily treated with a product called Albon. It is your choice whether you take it back to the breeder or opt to keep the pup .. i hope it turns out well.
No it is not from stress. and no it is not normal. It sounds like the puppy has parvo and needs immediate attention. You could wait until the morning but why risk it or you can simply take the puppy back to the breeder and ask for her to return your money. and dont get another puppy from there and you could and should report her because that isnt cool. She knows exactly what is wrong with that puppy and thats out of line. So you dont move the pup around to much get on the phone and first call the breeder and tell her if she is going to pay for the vet or should you take the puppy back to her and get your money returned. If she acts stupid about it take the puppy to an emergency vet but call ahead of time so they will be waiting for you and then while you are there explain to the vet what the breeder told you and ask where you can report her , you do know that is a crime to knowingly sell an unhealthy puppy. What ever you decide get the pup some help like asap
Please call or take him to a vet. Puppies dehydrate quickly and can die. Why would the breeder even send antibiotics if nothing was wrong with the dog?
First thing when you wake up in the morning call the vet and see if you can get an appointment. If not find an er vet that is open 24 hours. IMPORTANT: If they tell you to put the dog down because it will never get better try to take it to a different vet. Also try to give it some pedialyte it works wonders for diahrea. It may also help with the vomitting. It is somewhat expensive but he is worth it right. So make sure if someone tells you to put it down. Dont do it. Give it pedialyte and give him some time. Time just may be the answer and it just may save its life.
If she gave you and antibiotic to give it once you got home, then she knew the puppy was ill. Vomiting %26 diarrhea is not normal for a healthy puppy. Parvo-is a nasty death on puppies!
I would return the puppy 1st thing in the morning to her.
It's not your problem to deal with. You need to report her to your Local Agriculture dept. She should not be alloud to sell puppies to the public in this condition.
No it is not normal that a dog be vomiting and have diarreah from stress. Feed it yogurt, just regular yogurt and force feed it if necessary and pedialite( yeah the baby pedialite). If you notice he has diarreah with blood in it then rush him to vet he mayhave parvo and parvo kills the bigger dogs faster. Watch him closely and force feed yogurt and pedialite with dropper from any walmart baby isle.
Absolutly not normal. The puppy could have worms, coccidia or any other thing wrong with it. Take it to the vet right away and take the medicine with you to show the vet. Some breeder GGRRRRR. Selling sick puppies to unsuspecting buyers with that line of c@#). To the vet or you might loose the baby.

I bought a doggie sweater for my German Shorthairred Pointer.she's cold when she goes out.anyone else?

Anyone else dress you dog for the dog's comfort? Grandma is laughing at me!
My dog loves her sweaters! She is a 70lb who-knows-what. She had a lady bug costume last year for halloween, we had to chase her down to get it off of her. I guess she liked how she looked! Gets pretty warm down here (South Texas) so we don't dress her for warmth, more because I think she looks cute. Her fur keeps her warm/cool enough.
I do! Why NOt? I mean why do you think they make them? Not only are they cute but I think they actually do keep the dog warm. I mean they put snow shoes on mushing dogs. Sure it's not the same as a sweater, but what else are we supposed to do with our non-mushing dogs,lol just jokin. But I think it was a good idea. And like I said, it is cute! :)
Yes I've bought clothes for my pug to wear, she has dry skin year round and now it's winter, clothes actually help keep her from itching as much. Plus she loves it when she gets new clothes she's such a clown. Let your Grandma laugh, there are others out there that dress their dogs, some actually get paid to do it.
I bought more than one coat or sweater for my Boston Terrier. We live in Alaska and Boston Terriers do not do well with cold weather. She hated to wear them. If I took her in the car and left her for a few minutes, she always managed to get the coat off. She cowered down when she wore them, so I gave up. I just make sure we didn't walk too long in the cold. If it did get too cold, she would want to be carried. I would carry her and people would always stop their cars and ask me if the dog was injured and they would offer a ride. Your grandma would really laugh if she saw me walking down the street cradling a cold dog.
My beagle has a coat. If it's cold and she doesn't have it on she won't go outside. She is the only dog I have ever had to buy clothes for, but she looks very cute in it.

i believe my dog was starved, help!!?

i had my friends aunt watch my puppy for three weeks while i went on vacation. he is a 5 month old pitbull. when i left him he was healthy and vibrant and had lots of energy, he was a good body weight and very muscular. i came to pick him up today and he is skinny as * and very lethargic. he wont play he wont eat even when i try to give him his favorites. you can see that he has lots a lot of weight, almost can see his ribs, i dont think she fed him at all while i was gone. also his poop is liquid. he was fine when i left him, i dont know what to do now ot get him to eat again. he wont touch anything, he did however drink some water. any advice on how i can get him to eat again? please help.
I don't think that the person starved him. I believe he has a disease, and needs a trip to the vet's clinic tomorrow..Really! He doesnt sound starved, he sounds really sick.
.If he was in her yard, it could be cocci, or even corona..there are many illnesses a pup can get, and he needs treatment fast if he is to have a chance of recovery.
Just because he has had his Parvo shots, it is no guarantee that he can't get it.. It has happened to mine..
Puppies are like babies when the mother is not around they fret. He may have fretted when you left him but i personally think you should take him to your nearest vet as soon as poss hun xx
Maybe your puppy has worms. Take him to the vet.
First of all you need to limit the amount of water and food your dog has access to. If an animal has been malnourished it will take some time for it to be able to eat normally again. You should feed him very small portions of both food and water. Besides that though you REALLY need to take him to the vet like today! There could be some other issues like parvo, or other bacterial infections (runny poop).
First of all, he needs to be checked by a vet asap. You need to get him to eat, maybe by trying bottle feeding him. Anyhow he needs medical attention. Your friend's aunt should be put in jail if she indeed neglected him.
Would you please take your dog to the vet right away? There are illness' which can create weight loss that your dog might have, especially if your dog has diarrhea, and your dog could be severely dehydrated also. This is very serious. Take him to the vet ASAP.
If it was the fault of your Aunt, your vet can tell you, and you will have a vet report to give the authorities.
Sounds like he was eating grass. It's pretty much like cabbage. Goes right through animals that are used to dry foods. It's a shame that happened. Luckily his survival instincts kicked in. I would document this and possibly press charges.
you need to give him nutrition, feed him with an eye dropper his liver may be failing if you dont give him nutrients he will die, get any thing you can in him sounds dehydrated too do it now before its too late. same thing happened to my puppy.
There are two diseases that it COULD be. Addison's or cushings.
Does you dog have hind leg weakness? The strange 'poop' is a sign too. that might be Addison's. Cushings, i dont really know much about. All i know about it is that it can be caused by a tumor. You need to take your puppy to a vet, either way. Even if you don't have the money, you can send it to the pound or drop it off at the vet. Most vets take care of hurt animals that are found and dropped off there, for a short time. Thats were i got mine.

You need to take that poor baby to the vet!! ;) Good Luck!
Your pup missed you so much and that can be why he didn't want to eat or couldn't really function, it was too shocking for him and traumatic, for a pup to be left by his dad or mom, he is like a baby, I strongly suggest you take him to the vet, so he can get the right medication/nourishment, your dog missed you and perhaps thought had lost you, he became depressed, you need to give him a lot of love and play with him take him for long walks and talk to him, show him you love him, he'll be back to normal, if your friend did not feed him the right food, that is obviously going to be a big problem, just give it about 3 days and he will eat again, it is important for the vet to determine what's wrong with the stomach. I hope your pup recovers very soon, poor baby!
First off - You have a puppy, that is a responsibility like a kid. You shouldn't have left him with your aunt for 3 weeks to go on vacation. If you couldn't afford a decent kennel, then you shouldn't have gone. Your aunt isn't a trained dog handler and might have done worse then not feed him. Like hit him, which is certainly not something to do to pit bulls, it will cause them to bite! Next time take the dog with you or go for a shorter amount of time.

Second - You should take him to the vet. He could have parvo, worms or something more serious. Make it up to him for being so irresponsible and get him the medical help he needs.
Don't look for someone to be responsible, it's quite common for pups to get sick. Get him to a Vet NOW, before you loose him. Just because he's sick dosen't mean someone mistreated him. Obviously he has some kind of puppy illness. Hope you figure this out before it's too late. Arum
Take him to the vet immediatly.He could have picked something up from your friends aunts house. Sounds like he's severely dehydrated.So you should take the proper precautions and take him to the vet.
The only thing I could think of besides him being starved is if he got a hold of something that has made him sick?? If he doesn't perk up soon, I'd take him to the vet. Sorry to hear your puppy may have been neglected, that is really sad!
This doent sound like he was starved (or he would be diving at food) this is illness. Pretty mommy is correct it sounds a lot like addisons (in which case vet treatment is the only thing that will save his life) but it could be 101 other things.
Leaving a dog in a strange houshold is stressy, and exposes him to grems that are not nessary exactlly the same as hes used to, so he would be more likely to get ill - no bodys fault just the way it is.